Greetings to all. Hope things are going well for you.

This Crisis has had relatively little impact on my life so far. Certainly less so than for some people. I wouldn't consider myself a recluse, but there's relatively little social interaction in it. Social Distancing is already there to some extent.

There's one or two clubs that are out of my life with the cessation of meetings, but others have an online or onair ( Ham Radio ) presence that results in little change.

Work / Home / Work / Home is most of my life.
Work ( ) is an "Essential Service" and is quite the opposite of what is happening to most people. We're just starting a ramp up and will likely become quite crazy in the future. No telework, I'm commuting every day. There's some attempts to Social Distance and practice appropriate hygiene, but we're just too busy! The drive back and forth is MUCH easier now with the light traffic. There's enough traffic that I wonder how may of them should be out.

Most of my food is To-Go or Drive-thru window and those are still available. So far I've only found one Burger King that was closed although many places have altered hours and methods of operation. It's obvious that lots of them are hurting and scrambling to adapt to a new reality. Signs about "Yes we're open!" and various sales/discounts to induce people abound. It's bit odd walking into someplace to place a To-Go order at the counter and seeing the dining area torn down with all the table and chairs stacked. One Subway had their chairs in a row in front of the counter to enforce Social Distancing.

I don't usually keep much food in the house, but I've made a couple of trips to stock up so that I have at least 2 or 3 weeks worth in the house. I've found supermarkets with a shockingly high percentage of empty shelf's. The last time was a week after the previous visit and I was surprised to still see empty shelf's. The supply chain is messed up. I need to continue making occasional stops and increase the home stockpile.

This is going to have long term lasting effects. And very divergent effects. Some people will barely notice it, but the extremes are worrisome. Some people are going to make fortunes, and some people are going be devastated, maybe a lot of people! The economic repercussions are going to reverberate with many "unforeseen consequences". The homeless and less fortunate are going to be the hardest hit. Please consider a generous donation your favorite local homeless support organization and food bank.

I'm also wondering how much it will push the technology forward. Large numbers of people are working from home, Teleworking, doing things Virtual this and that. People will form new habits and find new ways to do things. Will they revert back to the 'old' way afterwards? Or continue doing things the new way. I suspect the latter. Things won't be the same after this is over. There will be lasting effects.

If you're still reading this then thanks for sticking to it and I hope you're interested and not bored.

Take care and hope to see you at a DEF CON this summer ( hoping it's not REALLY canceled ). I'm ready, my plane is booked!