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CMD+CTRL CyberRange at DC28

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  • CMD+CTRL CyberRange at DC28

    CMD+CTRL CyberRange

    CMD+CTRL has evolved! Slip into an immersive scenario, spanning an entire corporate cloud environment. Intelligent chatbots acting as skilled hackers will guide you every step of the way, as you perform recon, social engineering, data exfiltration, privilege escalation and much more. Move through websites, servers, accounts and cloud services, all in an effort to thwart an evil CEO and corrupt corporation. Just don’t get caught, or you may have to burn it all down to cover your tracks!

    CMD+CTRL trains people in security by teaching them to think like an attacker. The range now contains entire vulnerable cloud environments, backed by immersive stories and automated hacking assistants. The skill and complexity of the challenges found is quite broad.

    Does your team have what it takes?

    Come apply your Red Team kung fu on the latest AppSec Cyber Range!
    PGP Key: