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  • Daemon - Spoilers & Free Discussion

    Some will obviously complete books faster than others, in that case I encourage you to keep discussing things in this "Spoilers & Free Discussion" thread. Here we can talk about things that are spoilers and everyone knows if they come there they might ruin the surprise. I encourage you to lead your comments with SPOILER WARNING, to be kind. For on pace reading for this book, I will be breaking out threads into Chapters 1 -7, 7-14, 14-21, until chapter 45.
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    I enjoyed the book. I just started book 2 in the series.


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      After I read both books I did about a weeks worth of research on if you could build a wearable computer and AR headset and how long would the battery last. It was pretty disappointing back then but now I think it is much more realistic.

      Turns out one of the Goons did their PHD in haptic research and helped start a company building haptic vests and related technology. Really fascinating talk with them on how much data different parts of your body can process through touch. It turns out the haptic motors are expensive and in the end blind people who were testing it were more interested in getting a general sense of what is around them instead of a precise picture or vision replacement.

      Anyway I'm still inspired by the big picture of the story and the individually liberating aspects that technology can bring us.
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      The stuff he's mentioning, and the Goon is Great Scott, he's been a large part of research at The vest was on Westworld.

      Very rad stuff.
      "Haters, gonna hate"


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        I read the first book. The online reviews of the second book were mediocre. Any impressions if reading the second book added to the story, the reviews made it sound more like a diversion from the initial story?

        At first, breaking up input by chapter sounded like a decent idea for discussing. However, when reading, I don't think in terms of chapter and prefer looking back at the whole of the content.


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          I just finished Daemon and started reading Freedom, I'm about 10 chapters in. It picks up where Daemon stops, and is a direct continuation of the storyline. So whatever you read is wrong.

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        I've finished Daemon and have already started reading Freedom.

        Thank you for starting this group as it finally got me motivated to read this story and I enjoyed every minute of it! The ending of Daemon left me wondering what the heck is in store for Sebeck! The book really continued the cyber punk/hacking/augmented reality all the way through. I'll be recommending this book to my other technology interested friends.