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Daemon - Chapters 7 - 14

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  • Daemon - Chapters 7 - 14

    For on pace group reading for this book, I will be breaking out threads into Chapters 1 -7, 7-14, 14-21, until chapter 45. In this thread we will discuss things that come up in these chapters, provide updates with each other, ask unique chapter related questions, comment if we need help understanding something, or mention something that sticks out to you. Please do not spoil content that does not fit within the labeled chapters of this thread, please take that to the "Spoilers & Free Discussion" thread.

    "Haters, gonna hate"

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    Little bit of a whoopsie on the use of "803.11g" in Chapter 9?

    Edit: I don't enjoy being pedantic about technical inaccuracies when it comes to movies, shows, and books, because then 98% of entertainment with a "cyber" spin would become unwatchable (I'm looking at you, 2-person keyboard NCIS). However, I'm getting the feeling that Suarez is deliberately trying to appeal to a technically literate crowd, and a trivial typo on a very common standard seems discrediting.
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      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that’s pretty nit picky but maybe not totally unfair. I’m going to chalk it up to artistic license or typo and focus more on the characters and action than the technical details because otherwise I think I agree that it’d make the book pretty disappointing if that’s why you were reading it.

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    Okay so putting aside the pulpiness and the, ahem, unfortunately ham fisted sex assault scene let’s press on giving a first time novelist the benefit of the doubt.

    Things are starting to get interesting. Honestly I had my doubts about how menacing the Daemon could really be, but I think it’s sufficiently shown itself to be a worthy adversary for our assumed heroes. I am sufficiently hooked on discovering what it’s real intentions are to keep reading. It’s ability to manipulate is quite interesting. It needs the eyes of the world focused on it. It has its own personal “journalist”. What’s the plan Daemon?

    As a reader I feel a little frustrated we don’t know much of anything about Sobol yet. Hopefully future chapters will spend some time exploring his life before his untimely demise. It’d certainly be more much fun to speculate what the Daemon’s goals are if we knew a bit about what made Sobol tick.

    edit: my favorite part of this section was probably the bomb squad entrance scene and the directed energy weapon they were attacked with. There was just the tiniest bit of decent character development with Guerner that was very satisfying I felt.


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      "As a reader I feel a little frustrated we don’t know much of anything about Sobol yet." I am feeling the same way. It's like they're hinting at something so far, so I gather we're going to learn.

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    whoops nevermind
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      Am I the only one who thought chapter nine (video game play) was needlessly long and wordy about the game play?

      IMHO they could've wrapped that up a bit faster and got to the point without hearing about every grenade thrown. I was getting bored.

      Then it was quiet, until the mission table near him began to vibrate so violently it started moving across the floor. A crystal vase on top of it shattered. Suddenly Guerner felt as though someone had grabbed his intes-­ tines straight through his Kevlar suit. He didn’t even have time to warn Limon and Chapman before he was doubled over on the marble floor, vomiting. His guts felt like writhing snakes trying to climb out of his body. The agony was intense. His whole being was gripped with a deep and primordial feeling of dread­—­like a palpable evil had climbed in-­ side him. Guerner was a man of science and reasoning, but his entire knowledge of the world fled, leaving him alone on the floor weeping in ter-ror. He crawled away through his vomit, listening to insane shrieking. Then he realized the shrieks were coming from him.
      Anyone want to speculate on what tech made Guerner chunder?

      Current Status: I am up to chapter 13.
      "Haters, gonna hate"