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Daemon - Chapters 21 - 28

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  • Daemon - Chapters 21 - 28

    For on pace group reading for this book, I will be breaking out threads into Chapters 1 -7, 7-14, 14-21, until chapter 45. In this thread we will discuss things that come up in these chapters, provide updates with each other, ask unique chapter related questions, comment if we need help understanding something, or mention something that sticks out to you. Please do not spoil content that does not fit within the labeled chapters of this thread, please take that to the "Spoilers & Free Discussion" thread.

    "Haters, gonna hate"

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    I really enjoyed Chapter 27:// Mind Mapping. " “Do I have a choice?” “You already made your choice." While the scenes of the abuse were at times uncomfortable, I really did enjoy this scene because it was interesting to see how the Daemon processed "who he was". The logic behind accepting the fate of it, how "the game" was played was well thought out to make it make sense for the character to give in to it. So far, while not a beacon of purity, I really like Charles Mosely as a character. I hope I don't regret that judgement later on.
    "Haters, gonna hate"