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DC502 Virtual meetup 4/15 7PM Eastern

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  • DC502 Virtual meetup 4/15 7PM Eastern

    DC502 meeting will be at 7PM (23:00 UTC) Wednesday night, reachable at guest speaker @mwlucas author of SNMP Mastery (some call it The Networknomicon) see you there!

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    Hey The_Gibson you could create a calendar event for your meeting and then when people view the Con Calendar at they can see your upcoming meeting.

    When you create a new thread (You can only create a calendar entry when creating a new thread) in the upper left you see a Camera, a Link, a Poll and a Calendar. Pick the calendar.

    Then you do your post as normal but also can pick a date / time / location that will show up on the calendar.

    • Whatever you put in for the subject line of the message is what shows up in the calendar, so put the important stuff first like "DC502 Louisville Meetup" so people know what the location is
    • Before the subject box is a "Event highlight" pull-down, please select the "DCG Meeting" so it shows up as the right color on the calendar.
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      Will do, thanks!


      DC502 Louisville, Kentucky USA

      About this Group

      Location: Louisville, Kentucky USA

      Point of Contact: The_Gibson

      POC Email:

      Website: pending

      DC502 Meets:at the Barnes and Noble at The Paddock every 2nd Wed. We also host a social media community @ Our topics usually revolve around decentralization of social media and internet infrastructure, infosec (Red and Blue team), 3dPrinting, and Infosec consulting.

      Description: The DC502 started in 2019. It was formed by The_Gibson. The_Gibson runs the Social media presence on There are three members, and currently we are anarchic in decision making... This would change with a larger membership to become a democracy... we hope to grow local membership in the next few months VIA social media outreach.

      Interests: We have a couple of 3D printers and a large presence on the Fediverse @ We are very passionate about returning control of personal data to the individual, and tend to shun cloud based resources for long term usage.
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