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  • DC28 Contests - General Conversations

    Got a question, announcement, or idea about contests? Post it here.
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    I'm quite certain I'm not the first to think of it, but I think a mask related contest might be fitting for safe-mode. Albeit a single-use contest, it could include different categories.


    • el_mariachi
      el_mariachi commented
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      Yes. I was thinking something like this:
      1.) Set a deadline and submission process for photos of the mask worn by the contestant.
      2.) Panel of judges receives and scores the mask based on the following:
      a.) functionality (can it actually be used as a functioning mask)
      b.) Design (maybe based on the category)
      3.) Contest lead posts submissions on Discord (or other platform).
      4.) Winner(s) announced on a quick live session during the conference.

      As for categories, it could be simple like best overall mask, best hacker-themed mask, and maybe even the best repurposed mask (e.g. using repurposed cables as a mask strap)

    • el_mariachi
      el_mariachi commented
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      Maybe even an integrated badge/mask category?

    • s0ciabl3ng_dc
      s0ciabl3ng_dc commented
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      This would fall under H@ck3r Runw@y contest which is all about hacker fashion. I'd planned to have a category for safemode.

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    Is C&E considering allowing any remote contests to be eligible for Black Badge this year? I understand its an unprecedented topic, just curious if its being considered.


    • EvilMoFo
      EvilMoFo commented
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      How about you compete in a contest because you enjoy it or it is relevant to your interests instead of just trying to win a black badge?

    • shortstack
      shortstack commented
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      dear EvilMoFo,

      we built the contest _because_ we enjoy it and it is 100% relevant to our interests.

      and to teach and give back to the community.

      black badge provides even more bragging rights for the people who put in the time and effort and fun.

      we are genuinely curious about whether or not this will be considered for contest creators.



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    I originally setup a rather unique CTF for DerbyCON. People had a lot of fun with it so I brought back a newer and harder one for DefCON.

    This CTF is a MUD with 8-9 quests, intentional exploits, and about 1200 rooms has been setup at port 4000. A website documenting the MUD is at and a CTFd is setup at

    I will keep adding quests until 2 weeks before defcon. The game is open for players to try and score flags and test out the questing. The game is hard, it has permadeath, and it has a few unique challenges such as writing a bot. Because the game is so hard I have implemented an easy mode and published cheat codes. Usage of easy mode or cheat mode results in all quests displaying invalid flags. There are unofficial cheats however, and part of the fun is finding the intentionally broken game mechanics.

    I have not yet figured out a prize, I will be submitting this to the contest lead eventually but in the interim I wanted to provide a unique challenge. A link to the writeup from spicey weasel about the derbycon CTF is here:

    The game is an LPMud and runs on gurbalib and DGD. If you complete all the quests you become a wizard.


    • evilmog
      evilmog commented
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      Also I have fixed all the bugs mentioned from DerbyCon, the max player limit is 1000 ish and 1million plus objects including proper autoload again. If you get disconnected it will save your state so just reconnect.

    • Dark Tangent
      Dark Tangent commented
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      That sounds really cool. For sure submit as an online-contest / event and we can get it added to the schedule after review. All done through a web shell or ?
      email contests @
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    Straight up telnet to port 4000, website is just hints and maps.


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      OpenSOC Blue Team CTF is happening @ DC28!

      We are planning to run the OpenSOC Blue Team CTF *remotely* this year to support the attendees of _DC28 Safe Mode_. We're still hashing out the details, but expect a very similar experience as last year. Just like at the in-person con, we'll be hanging with the Blue Team Village.

      We are considering opening it up to ~1000 attendees on a first-come signup basis. (signup date TBD) If systems remain stable and/or there are no-shows, we'd likely open it up to additional attendees for maximum participation.

      We've got some really exciting things in store for you this year...including many fresh new scenarios based on recent events and the inclusion of Velociraptor (if our load tests go well)