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The Biohacking Village Going Virtual For 2020

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  • Announcement! The Biohacking Village Going Virtual For 2020

    While each organization and event will develop its own decision criteria and make its own hard choices, the Biohacking Village will provide our content and activities virtually for the remainder of 2020, including our presence at DEF CON.

    The Biohacking Village is deeply embedded in the healthcare and public health communities. The knowledge and experience of our stakeholders engaged with COVID-19 response give us insight into the empirical data and analysis of leading global public health experts, including disease pathology, epidemiology, economic and social strife, public health guidelines, travel restrictions, border closures, and attendee levels. After conversations with dozens of these stakeholders and our community members, our path forward is clear.

    We considered cancelling a majority of our programming to avoid distracting our community from our community's tireless and timely work. At the same time we recognize that our DEF CON presence serves as an annual heartbeat to equip and empower cybersecurity researchers, DIY biologists, and citizen scientists through education, outreach, and camaraderie. A virtual event allows us to open our doors well beyond the borders, spaces, and times imposed by in-person events, increasing the size of our community and our value to them.

    DEF CON has announced the decision to go virtual and many of the Villages are moving virtual as well. The Biohacking Village is actively participating in these efforts and we look forward to providing a virtual evolution of our in-person events. We will provide an update with dates and more logistical details as soon as possible. You can get involved by following us on Twitter (@dc_bhv), signing up for our mailing list (, and providing content like CTF challenges, talks, and workshops (through the “Calls for…” at