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  • Request to change username

    can I have my username changed to rehr please? this is an old handle and i have since been using rehr.

    thank you!

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    Sure just send a DM to number6, there is a process.
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      thanks, DT! will do!


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        Process has been started:
        First, this being in public solves the first step: public notification of this change so users can see this was requested by you.
        Next, you are in good standing (no complaints or rule violations) so no problem there.
        Next, the name "rehr" is/was free (nobody else had that username.)

        Next, I publicly inform users of the change in case they search for your old name, they can find it here:
        Your username has changed from "roB3AR" to "rehr".

        To complete this process, you may need to log out, and login. (To avoid weird cookie issues, this is a good idea.)

        If login does not work, you may need to request a password reset.
        If you need to reset your password, visit this URL and complete the steps:

        If you are still having problems, try contacting us:
        If that email fails, and only if that fails, try:
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          thanks number6!


          • number6
            number6 commented
            Editing a comment
            Happy to help. Let me know if it breaks something in your account. It shouldn't; but we upgraded the forums recently and have not altered a username since the upgrade.