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#Stickerlife Sticker Swap - Have hacker related stickers or want some?

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  • Stickers to Share #Stickerlife Sticker Swap - Have hacker related stickers or want some?

    fragnet laptop art

    (picture from user fragnet on Reddit)
    This thread is in honor of those serious Stickerlife folks like spacerog and jericho

    I've also created custom subject prefixes for if you have stickers you want to share the love with, or if you are looking for something to complete your laptop with. Just pick the prefix that matches your post, or keep it blank for general conversation.

    I'm going to try and lure Space Rogue here to explain how swaps work
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    want some 🙄


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      If I have stickers on hand, and they change frequently, DM me on Twitter with a name/address to send to. Don't care what name you use as long as it will get delivered. @attritionorg on Twitter


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        want and have some to trade


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          I'll move this thread over to the community section so it's not tied to a specific year's con.
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