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README: How to Create Calendar Entries

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  • README: How to Create Calendar Entries

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    Got something you want to put on the Calendar? Here is how
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    Here is how you can create a calendar event for your DCG meeting, Virtual Con, Contest deadline, or whatever that people can view on the Calendar
    1. Create a New Topic - You can only create a calendar entry when creating a new topic.
    2. In you new thread's initial post select the "Calendar" icon - It is in the upper left next to the Camera, Link, and Poll buttons.
    3. Before the Subject line is an Event Highlight pull-down. Select the item that best matches your entry.
    4. Whatever you put in the Subject Line is what the title of you calendar entry will be. The shorter the better.
    5. In the body of your message I suggest including a picture and the details of your entry. When people select your calendar entry they will be take to this post.
    6. Enter the Date of your event. At the bottom you can select all day event or a start and stop time.
    7. Enter the "Location" of your event. This can be a URL, address, or whatever. It displays under the date and time of your entry.
    8. (Optional) Add Tags to your entry to help people searching.

    NOTE: Because you can only create a calendar entry when starting a new topic I created this sub-forum to help group the posts together. If you are posting 20 different events back to back it won't clutter other forum areas.
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