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Work from home -- All the fun things that come with it too

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  • Work from home -- All the fun things that come with it too

    I'd like to propose an idea that for this year we use the magic that is a Raspberry Pi (zeros even?). They are fairly cheap and pretty abundant in this community. Starting now and by August sourcing should be "fairly" easy I would think. Perhaps hobbyists who make their own silicon can come into play; shore up that supply gap. Lemonade out of those lemons.

    Since DEFCON is no kidding cancelled, let us bring a bit of that magic to the world at large. For the days which DEFCON runs, run the pi. Depending on how you want to configure it, give Internet access via eth0 or wlan0. Perhaps wlan0mon running hostapd and allowing eth0 only to go to the company Intranet, etc. VPNs abound right now.

    Work from Home is going to cause problems. If it already hasn't occurred, it will happen. Just a matter of time. The virus caught the world by surprise, but we can fight back; albeit in the 1s and 0s. Those 1s and 0s though; they kinetically affect us all these days. The Internet has become so in-twined with our daily life that for those companies who were able to sustain and support a wfh scenario; if they had not done it before, or not rolled it out en masse; problems will abound. No technology is perfect and this is the perfect storm of the sort that will cause damage due to the sheer volume.

    PCI-DSS. Rules will change. Version 4 anyone? Ahead of the curve we could be. A pi splits the enclaves, and not just logically; but physical. Quite the important distinction.

    A zero is way slimmer, but just not sure if it is right for high volume traffic. All situation dependent of course. A zero is perfect for one user. So long as you're not heavy on the traffic, you will get reliable, but more importantly; a secure connection to whatever it is you had to work from home for.

    If you're using the Starbucks wifi, I don't care how good your VPN is. We're layer 2 neighbors and I like your things. Do you even monitor the frames?

    Money. Drives the world round they say. For the most part, but thus the beauty of the baud right? Code away. Use minimal hardware and make the process repeatable. Share. Hopefully this makes the pi even more popular. What a useful little device when you incorporate things like iptables and such into the mix. pihole it up and now we're monitoring DNS. Great usage.

    Darn useful too. The beta image is awesome. Since school from home became a thing, my child needed moar cups of packets for their daily intake. This frightens me. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel I just piholed and learned some backend mods to satisfy my "how in the world do I give my kid access to the internet, without it ruining my sleep?" type needs.

    Somewhere down the line they might hack me on DNS but that will be a welcome discussion. I do hope they like bits and bytes growing up...

    Show the world how to properly secure a connection. It can be done. It doesn't need to cost some insane amount of money. The FOSS concept works wonders. People will want to be supported on call. This is where you make that money yourself. Free as in beer. Make those real-world connections at the keg stand that is GitHub. Shake hands as it were and then smile knowing you put your knowledge to use and really helped to secure someone you've never met. Quite the good deed and it feels great. Support pays the bills well if you just get the word out that you can support people.

    FOSS has no owner. Show someone you can wield it and the world is your oyster.

    From this environment we spin out, I think jobs may come about. Put it in the ESSID or something. Resumes with airdrops, etc. Who knows.

    People will ruin the fun too. You've seen it in the news with Zoom. /dev/null folks are bound to appear. Perhaps build in a bit of IDS and IPS for fun with this image? scapy punches back...

    Either way, just some thoughts in my head that are already tangible due to some work I got lucky and moonlit with. Life is good to me and I'd like to see if this knowledge can help others. Even if it is only a thing for the days of DEFCON this year, it will be an interesting experiment in how the Internet works. Depending on the usage, BGP stats could shift interestingly, WiGLE for sure. Would be cool to map the full WiGLE db for those 3 days.

    I definitely plan to play with the 802.11 aspect of it all.

    Will be interesting to see how the VPN tunnels hold up against the PCI-DSS enclaves and what not.