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    I was mulling over some of the finer details that made Defcon fun, and one of them was the public defcon network and the CTFs, random services and such on them.

    I propose a P2P Private Network of sorts like ChaosVPN (We could even peer with them!). Thoughts?

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    I wonder if it is an opportunity for DC Darknet?
    DEFCON DarkNet is a collaborative contest, covering skills such as lockpicking, soldering, hardware hacking, social engineering, cryptography, privacy, and more. Knowledge starts at a zero-point, so it is open to all levels.
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      Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
      I wonder if it is an opportunity for DC Darknet?

      Not a bad idea, and the ChaosVPN code is opensource (its really just peer syncing for the tinc client)

      Ill post on twitter and see if there is some interest.