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Monero Village at DC28

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  • Monero Village at DC28

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    The Monero project is a privacy ecosystem consisting of the Monero core team, Monero research lab, Monero hardware team, Kovri, Openalias, and several other work groups. The village presents technology serving privacy-conscious novice and advanced cryptocurrency users, inviting participation in a well-equipped and comfortable environment. The village inclusively welcomes Monero's sisters and cousins from other blockchain based communities.

    Aside from village keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking programs, please visit the village to learn about parties, films, prize giveaways, and person-to-person guidance regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

    A variety of privacy projects, hardware wallets, electronic badges, and village educational materials are made available for experimentation.
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    Volunteers are welcomed to join our planning and management workgroup. We are on Mattermost and Freenode IRC #monero-defcon. Weekly meeting dates, times, and agenda items are published in Monero's Meta repo.
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