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sharing post via def con app is broken

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  • sharing post via def con app is broken

    I attempted to share a post via the def con official vbulletin app, but the URL it generates leads to a 404 error.

    This post
    Hacker-type games/events, and geekish places to visit around the world...

    This url from the app,-and-geekish-places-to-visit-around-the-world...

    Whereas this the url in the browser

    This is the app Im using

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    I see the issue, it is generating the SEO URLs and we use the short URLs

    While we look into you can work around it by:

    - copy the number after “main-category” in this case 13161
    - Remove everything after
    - Then add “node/13161”

    It was working in a precious version of the app so Im guessing it is a bug.
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      Thanks, I'm glad you noticed my post. Yeah, the workaround is obvious, just wanted to let you know so the appropriate toggles could be flipped to make it work. :-)