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DC502 Louisville, Kentucky USA

About this Group

Location: Louisville, Kentucky USA

Point of Contact: The_Gibson

POC Email:

Website: pending

DC502 Meets:at the Barnes and Noble at The Paddock every 2nd Wed. We also host a social media community @ Our topics usually revolve around decentralization of social media and internet infrastructure, infosec (Red and Blue team), 3dPrinting, and Infosec consulting.

Description: The DC502 started in 2019. It was formed by The_Gibson. The_Gibson runs the Social media presence on There are three members, and currently we are anarchic in decision making... This would change with a larger membership to become a democracy... we hope to grow local membership in the next few months VIA social media outreach.

Interests: We have a couple of 3D printers and a large presence on the Fediverse @ We are very passionate about returning control of personal data to the individual, and tend to shun cloud based resources for long term usage.
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