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DEF CON Safe Mode CTF Qualifier Write Ups

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  • FAQ/Guide: DEF CON Safe Mode CTF Qualifier Write Ups

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    The Order Of the Overflow DEF CON qualifiers is now over!

    Please post all your write ups, code, captures, and links here. We will try and preserve as much as is possible for others to learn from.
    • Check the official OOO web site for binaries and code to the qualifiers
    • Check the CTFtime web site for links to other writeups. We will try and mirror them here, with credit, to preserve for the ages.

    Thank you!
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    I have downloaded all the challenges from the OOO GitHub, all the packet captures from OOO web site, uncompressed, renamed, organized, and re-compressed into one easy to download file. Size is 42 Gigs.

    I'll add a torrent for it shortly and link it here.

    Download everything I have found so far about the DEF CON 28 Safe Mode CTF Qualifiers: On the Media Server.
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