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  • Question: International Defcon group

    Guys I recently filled the template to construct an international defcon group in my area, its been more than 20 days and unfortunatly i have not got a reply so guys does this means that the group was not approved?

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    message me with your info and I'll look into it right away.


    • sick_4$h
      sick_4$h commented
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      sure! are u a part of Defcon ?

    • number6
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      sick_4$h : sleestak can help you with resolving this. Message him to start the process.

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    Last June 18th I sent the application form in order to start a DEFCON Group in my country and got an inmediate answer (an ACK) and then 4 days after that I got another mail asking me to accept what will be the right name for the group. I accept it, but, got no answer and until today I sent another 4 messages without any kind of answer.

    I hope that some read this message and give me an idea of what is going on.

    Best regards,


    • Dark Tangent
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      Thanks for posting here, I'll ping the team and see what's up.

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    Thank you so much Dark Tangent !


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      Hey all,

      I also sent an application form ~30 days ago but suddenly still got no answer.
      Would be great of someone could have look at that also :)

      Thanks in advance!