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Crypto & Privacy Village CFP is live!

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  • Crypto & Privacy Village CFP is live!

    The Crypto & Privacy Village is excited to announce its participation in DEF CON 28: SAFE MODE, and we’re looking for top-notch presentations, discussions, panels, workshops, show & tell, and *other* creative online content!

    This year will be different, but we hope to still bring together exciting cryptography and privacy content — piped straight from our screens to yours! We’re looking for a combination of pre-recorded and live content, and are especially interested in your ideas for engaging a virtual audience. We’ll be accepting any formats from 5-minute lightning talks to workshops, panels, or hour long streams. Want to stay anonymous? We can do that this year! (Use Tor.) If you’ve got an idea for something else you want to do, we’d love to hear it!

    Passionate about cryptography or privacy? Interested in helping people encrypt their lives? Have you worked on contact tracing, digital surveillance, facial recognition or another topic very relevant in our highly virtual age? Have a talk that’s better suited for a niche audience? Submit YOUR proposal to the Crypto & Privacy Village Call for Participation! (

    Please, no sales pitches. If you have a unique perspective related to your company’s products, please make it as vendor-neutral as possible.

    Live talks will be recorded (unless requested otherwise by the speaker).
    Submission Deadline
    Submissions are due June 20, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM PDT.

    Suggested Topics
    • Anti-Facial Recognition
    • Contact Tracing Privacy
    • Other Health Privacy
    • WFH Privacy Issues & Hacks
    • Introductions & Overviews to cryptographic subfields (Crypto 101)
    • Cryptanalysis, side channels, & implementation-specific attacks on crypto
    • Algorithm- and protocol-level analysis of specific crypto/privacy tools
    • Post-quantum cryptography
    • Spyware/Adware/Surveillance
    • Secure messaging (messages, email, etc.)
    • Hardware-based crypto and hardware acceleration
    • Useable cryptography (targeted/at-risk populations, the “reasonable” consumer)
    • Cryptographic APIs, open-source libraries, implementations, & standards
    • Public-Key Infrastructure
    • Transport Layer Security/Web Security
    • Authentication
    • Policy/Law
    • Privacy By Design
    • Privacy Engineering
    • GDPR
    • CCPA/CalPREA
    • Up-and-coming privacy laws (India/Brazil)
    • Hacker con talks shouldn’t fit into nice, tidy boxes, so I’m doing something else
    How to Submit

    For more information, please visit our submissions site,