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Very cool project - Mini Satellite-Antenna Rotator Mk1

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  • Very cool project - Mini Satellite-Antenna Rotator Mk1

    This project is a portable device used to automatically point a directional antenna towards an orbiting satellite. It takes all the effort out of little kids holding the antenna and figuring out where to point it. It allows students to talk through Amateur Radio satellites or download weather satellite images. Mad props to Julie / Mr. Michael Day (principal) and the SARC crew who put this together. The write up and detail are 2nd to none. Great work!

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    It's a pretty solid write-up! I'm a little more curious now about satellites after dabbling with SDR for a bit.


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      Very interesting, very practical and easy to assemble


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        Thanks pyro ! I've added it to the list of resources here

        I really liked the detail, and that they kept refining it with a MKII and even offered suggestions for retrofitting it to support EME 🌎🌒🌎bounce dish antennas. I've always found moon bounce to be quirky and cool.
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