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  • Defcon Meshnet

    in cooperation with DCDarknet, I'm proud to announce Defcon Meshnet, a On Internet, Yggdrasil based IPv6 Meshnet.

    Interesting Uses:
    • Host CTF Boxes / Hosts in a fun and safe way.
    • Run Services behind firewalls and slow links
    • Network is Point to Point Encrypted for your pleasure.
    • Meshnet a bunch of badges together for a great time
    • Be a part of a mini, cooler internet
    How to Connect
    • Install Yggdrasil
    • Configure yggdrasil.conf
      • Linux: /etc/yggdrasil.conf
      • Windows: %PROGRAMDATA%/yggdrasil.conf
    • Ensure you enable the SessionFirewall in the config, Disable AllowFromDirect, and AllowFromRemote
    • Add your closest peers into the Peers section neer the top.
      • Add about 2 nearby peers.
    • Review the rest of the config for settings you might like to enable. Docs
    • Restart Yggdrasil
    • Ping 202:7967:4d86:125c:acc1:f5bf:e719:329b or 201:4771:e691:f802:373:17da:25ee:9654 to test for connectivity.

    Known on mesh services.

    To add a service, please use the Mesh Services issue template

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    How is the project going?
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      Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
      How is the project going?
      Its going well, about 30 nodes, a Gopher site popped up.. Mostly just growth is slow.