Reflecting on the anger I felt earlier today.

Same shit, different day. A man died for so many reasons.
I hate watching videos like that. And it's strange; I have no aversions to violence.
I have a common affliction that involves near-mindless exploration of the internet and a great deal of violent, gory videos come across my url.
Currently my browser visits subreddits like /r/fightporn or /r/publicfreakout on an intermittent basis. Typically only 1 page of posts filtered by ranking over a week is worth watching.
There are plenty of other sources, /gif/ on 4chan is a frequent host of war-related clips with wildly varying levels of horrifying content.

Despite the apathy I feel watching so many of these undeniably horrible videos, I was incensed by the latest American tragedy.
Minutes of stand-off boiling into hours of rage. Never forgive those that did this, and never forget those that did nothing.

I'm sure that many who witness injustice can empathize with the desire to right the wrong.
But how to channel that impetus? Who acts with what consequence?

Imagine yourself in that street. Allow yourself the time to think through the moment.
What is within your power as an individual to assist another? Recording the event so knowledge of the injustice is spread?
Admirable. Certainly in this current reality, one of the most accessible actions with incredible reach.

A passive approach, perhaps a step down from demanding a pulse.

But I allow me to indulge my armchair anger and envision a different reality, a harder path.
Intervention. Individual action. Charging the one at fault, springing forward and lifting the weight from the downtrodden.

Say anything you will about this action but it's the one I would take. Consequences come from any action or lack of it.
I would argue that the situation we find ourselves in today would be appreciably better had intervention come from the individuals in the moment; rather than the restless mobs that form from communal grief and outrage.


For My People - All-Amerikkkan BadA$$