After much research and investigation it is not possible to plan for DEF CON China 2 this year, and so we must unfortunately cancel.

There are too many variables at play:
  • When will travel open up going into Beijing?
  • When will your home country allow you back in without a 2 week quarantine?
  • Will the 2nd COVID-19 wave blow up all of our planning?
  • Should we choose another city besides Beijing that might be less travel restrictive.
  • Running another CFP without certainty is time consuming
The best option is to not play the game1, and cancel.

I would like to thank all the people who submitted to our CFP, all the Villages and contest organizers who took the time to plan and submit their best ideas. I am really sorry it didn't work out this year.

So what does the future hold?

By the end of 2020 we should have a much better idea of what 2021 looks like, from a health, political, and financial perspective and will make our decision for China 2 then.

The Dark Tangent

1 We learned this lesson by watching War Games.

经过了一段时间的调查及几番的深思熟虑,我万般无奈,但也只好遗憾地正式地宣布取消今年的DEF CON China 2。








我想感谢所有向我们的CFP投稿的人,以及花了宝贵时间筹谋的Village和竞赛主持者。我对今年无法呈 现会议深感歉意。

至于未来怎么样的问题,我们希望到了2020年底便可更准确地推测明年的状况,且做出DEF CON China 2的最终决定。

The Dark Tangent