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Movies to watch during Safe Mode?

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  • Movies to watch during Safe Mode?

    I'd like to do some group movie or documentary watching parties during Safe Mode.

    Can everyone suggest what you think would be good to watch, on theme, and interesting?

    I was going through the documentaries on infocon and there are some good ones on hacker history, and some documentaries like the Aaron Schwartz "Internet's Own Boy" that might be good groups watch / chat opportunities.

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    The Great Hack [Netflix]
    Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections [HBO]

    Would be on theme documentaries related to 'racial issues in the US?

    Maybe also add some podcasts ? I recently started listening Dark Net Diaries, some stories have a lot of DEFCON on them.


    • luxifer
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      I just finished The Great Hack - Holy Terrifying but incredibly informative and insightful. Thanks for the recommendation

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    Ideally something that would be fun for hackers to sit around and "Mystery Science 3k" it, or almost doing a "Pop Up Video" style of comment while it is playing.
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      "Zero Days" is a pretty good one about Operation: Olympic Games aka Stuxnet


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        Originally posted by luxifer View Post
        "Zero Days" is a pretty good one about Operation: Olympic Games aka Stuxnet
        I just watched it. Very interesting.

        Thanks for the recommendation.


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          Kill Chain was quite interesting. What do people think about screening 'The Imitation Game'?


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            Originally posted by sleestak View Post
            Kill Chain was quite interesting. What do people think about screening 'The Imitation Game'?
            Fantastic movie and would love to watch this during SafeMode.


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              The way I read it was movies to watch that can be made fun of mst3k style. I tried to pick things I can personally vouch for / available online for free or cheap to simplify availability.

              My nominees are thus:

              1. Takedown (2000), aka "Hackers 2" -- This movie attempts to document the capture of Kevin Mitnick, it's hilariously bad but in a different way than "hackers" - free on facebook:

              2. Hacker (2016), possibly the worst hacking movie I've even seen. It shouldn't even be called that, it should be called "credit card scammers: the movie", cause that's all they do basically. It's free on youtube:

              3. Hardware (1990) by Richard Stanley -- cheesy cyborg post-apocalyptic goodness. On Amazon Prime.

              4. Tron (1982), i mean, common. It's on Disney+, looking for other sources.

              5. Prime Risk (1985), A female engineer, with the assistance of her pilot-wannabe male friend, discovers a way to rip off automated teller machines, but in doing so stumbles upon a plot to destroy the U.S. monetary system. (available on amazon)

              6. Netforce (1999), this trailer lays it all out: also free on youtube:

              7. The Net (1995), trailer:

              8. Electric Dreams (1984), free on youtube:

              9. Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970), online for free:

              10. Paper Man (1971): also online for free:

              11. Johnny Nmenomic (1995), streamable link here (use at your own discretion)

              12. Strange Days (1995), Cyberpunk Kathryn Bigelow goodness. Lot's of free versions online that all suck, available on amazon.

              13. Demon Seed (1977), Idk wtf this is but the trailer looks awesome:


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                Honorable mentions, AKA Kid Friendly Hacker Films.

                1. Cloak and Dagger (1984), available on starz through amazon.
                2. Masterminds (1997), Patrick Stewart!! on Amazon Prime.
                3. Tron (Again)
                4. Hacker (2019), foreign film billed as family/action. On Amazon Prime.
                5. The Computer that wore Tennis Shoes: 1995 Version here: , 1969 version on Disney+, and apple TV.
                5. Superman III, 1983
                6. Not Quite Human,, 1987
                7. Not Quite Human 2,, 1989
                8. War Games. On Starz.


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                  Just rewatched Swordfish (2001). Should've spent the time on Sneakers (1992).


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                    The only item of value I gained from watching "Swordfish" was eventually hearing that the title of the movie came from a scene in a Marx brothers movie "Horse Feathers"

                    One of the earliest references of password guessing attacks in movies, what can happen when attackers gain access to other accounts and what happens when credentials are lost.

                    "Horse Feathers" (1932), The scene with password guessing:

                    6: "Who is Number1?"
                    2: "You are number6"
                    6: "I am not a number!..."


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                      I didn't know the movie name Swordfish came from the marx brothers. I always thought it was based on a twist of Blowfish encryption.


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                        I would absolutely agree with "The Great Hack". I see it as accessible, technically accurate and a very clear warning. Exposing the power of weaponized data to the public is very important. I feel like the anxiety and depression we live with has to come in part from all the targeted advertisement. But I digress.

                        For a MST3K I would vote for Swordfish.


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                          My vote would be for the 1984 movie 'Runaway'

                          It was written and directed by Michael Crichton.

                          It stars Tom Selleck as the good guy and Gene Simmons as the bad guy.

                          It also has old school technology and spider robots that inject poison into people.

                          If you were looking for a tech movie to give the MST3K treatment to then I honestly can't think of a more perfect movie.


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                            Spy Game is my favorite Hacker movie. Drink a shot of your fave beverage for every exploit of security policy you see.

                            Please consider adding it to

                            After all, we watched it during DefCon 19.
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