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Welcome Schemaverse to DEF CON 28 Safe mode!

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  • Welcome Schemaverse to DEF CON 28 Safe mode!

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    The Schemaverse [skee-muh vurs] is a space battleground that lives inside a PostgreSQL database. Mine the hell out of resources and build up your fleet of ships, all while trying to protect your home planet. Once you're ready, head out and conquer the map from other DEF CON rivals.

    This unique game gives you direct access to the database that governs the rules. Write SQL queries directly by connecting with any supported PostgreSQL client or use your favorite language to write AI that plays on your behalf. This is DEF CON of course so start working on your SQL Injections - anything goes!

    For DEF CON Safe Mode:
    We’ll setup shop in the Defcon discord to answer questions and interact with players there, keeping normal contest area hours (Or maybe around day and night, that’ll depend on interest).

    We‘ll also likely be doing some sort of live streaming now and then but that’s still in the works.

    In short, we exist and plan to operate.
    PGP key: valid 2020 Jan 15, to 2024 Jan 01 Fingerprint: BC5B CD9A C609 1B6B CD81 9636 D7C6 E96C FE66 156A