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Welcome HomebrewHardware Contest to DEF CON 28 Safe Mode!

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  • Welcome HomebrewHardware Contest to DEF CON 28 Safe Mode!

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    Have you learned how to build your own hacking hardware at home? Are you etching circuit-boards in your lab, or soldering in a toaster oven in your garage? Are you hosting a MUD on your helmet, or making malicious USB hardware? Did you make something to help you in your everyday life, a unique wearable, or something really nefarious? Are you discovering what old boards do, bending circuits, or re-appropriating the innards of your local e-waste?

    We want to see the awesome things you've been building over the last year.

    The HomebrewHardware competition is a place to showcase your skill, techniques, and project.

    Check our website and twitter for this year’s rules.

    For DEF CON Safe Mode:

    Are we hosting virtually this year? FUCK YEA!

    How will we do it? No fucking clue. Maybe we'll take submissions early as videos or something, then do a live twitch stream with like the top 10 entries, and the judges, and pick winners.
    Maybe we'll tape a knife to a dachshund and have it run at balloons with pictures of the entries on, last surviving balloon wins.
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