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Welcome Blockchain Village to DEF CON 28 Safe Mode!

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  • Welcome Blockchain Village to DEF CON 28 Safe Mode!

    Blockchain Village 2020: Celebrating Distributed Future

    Blockchain Technology has changed not only the way we transact values but also the way we look at security. Out of many distinguished features Distributed Ledger is one of the most powerful concept brought forward by Blockchains, which has moved the trust from a conventional trusted third party and put it in a trust-less distributed system.

    This year at Blockchain Village we bring back Capture-The-Coin contest running in parallel with more hands on workshops (Mathematical and Practical) along with cutting edge Talks-n-Tools, noteworthy Demos-n-Discussions, all focused on security of Blockchains and Distributed Applications.
    PGP key: valid 2020 Jan 15, to 2024 Jan 01 Fingerprint: BC5B CD9A C609 1B6B CD81 9636 D7C6 E96C FE66 156A