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Demo Lab - CIRCO v2: Cisco Implant Raspberry Controlled Operations

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  • Demo Lab - CIRCO v2: Cisco Implant Raspberry Controlled Operations

    CIRCO v2: Cisco Implant Raspberry Controlled Operations

    Target Audience: Offense/Hardware

    Designed under Raspberry Pi and aimed for Red Team Ops, we take advantage of "Sec/Net/Dev/Ops" enterprise tools to capture network credentials in stealth mode

    Using a low-profile hardware & electronics camouflaged as simple network outlet box/PoE injector to be sitting under/over a desk.
    CIRCO include different techniques for network data exfiltration to avoid detection from IDS/IPS or monitoring systems.This tool gathers information and use a combination of honeypots to trick Automation Systems to give us their network credentials!We will build a physical network & infrastructure lab to show how CIRCO works (live demo)

    Major features for release v2:
    - Python 3- New code structure (modular)- Install/build scripts- Net-Creds Support (exfiltration)- Light Detector for case alarm- Spoof MAC/IP for exfiltration- VoIP info collector- Extra exfiltration methods

    Developer Bio:Emilio Couto (@ekio_jp) is a Security Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the network and security field.Born and raised in Argentina, he is currently located in Japan where multitasking between language, culture and technologies is a must.Over the last decade focusing mainly on Finance IT and presenting tools in conferences (DEF CON, BlackHat Asia, HITB, Code Blue, AV Tokyo and SECCON).In his spare time he enjoys 3D printing, tinkering electronics and home-made IoT devices.
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