Now that I'm past the emotional outburst that led me to this latest blogging trip, I want to sustain a more coherent discussion.
I feel there is so much more interest in computer architecture than I was led to believe when I was in college. I remember being told that
computer architecture was pretty much figured out and there wasn't a lot of development in that field. I now have ~1 year in this area of the industry
and I'm finding that true on an abstract level but all the smaller level details are so incredibly fluid and alive.

I want to try to find a way to talk about it all more. I have thought about the best way to find my footing and decided to just review my journey to where I
am know and the different architectures I've interacted with and how I thought about them at the time. I think it should be fairly nostaglic for me and I
need that emotional stability in these times. I think dissecting these older systems with a more learned perspective on my earlier attempts to create and how
I structured data and my programs in those environments should prove a something regular to write about and force this habit.

So where do I start? Well, I could review my childhood interactions with computers but frankly, I didn't focus on computers for maybe the majority of my life at this point.
I was more a book reader through elementary school. I can certainly remember playing some games on the family computer at that time.
I think it's stupid we have kids think about professions at that age but if asked, I was going to be an entomologist. I still think it's a cool profession if you
happen to be/know one but I mostly answered this because I spent a lot of time with ants reading in the backyard and played with them.

I was mostly an A/B student with some strength in Math (year ahead?) and a love of reading. I definitely knew nothing about Physics. I have a yearbook quote I need
to find because the actual text is better than my paraphase but younger me dreamed of creating a device that was part Oxygen Recirculation/part Hologragh Generator
(these both very much inspired by the Phantom Menace). It would also create it's own energy because, again, I knew naught of the Hallowed Law of Conservation.

It was once I made it to middle school that I want to begin my hardware discussion. The classic TI-83. I still have mine with all the original programs I created
from middle-high school. I also was a maniac and wrote the code down line by line in a spiral notebook I also still have (though half the pages are colored pink by an spill of Nyquil whilst shipping x.x, tho they remain legible) A colleague of mine has bugged me for a while to try Pico8 and I have finally downloaded it, so I think I will try re-implementing them in that.

I think giving me till the end of the month to do so and write up the experience and my reflections on my first foray into programming will be a good next journal entry.
I am proud to have preserved both the calculator and to have written up the code when I was younger. Both activities spawned from classic classroom boredom but
looking at where I am now, they are what I consider to be my beginning with computers, my first language being TI-Basic.

Though I want to do a different post eventually on languages in general, not that I am the first but it's gonna be super Latin-y and there's definitely not enough of that :)

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