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  • Hi. Newb here

    Hi. I am a cybersecurity student in Utah. This will be my first professional convention, and I wanted to say hello, make friends, and not get lost. I have interests in aviation, lockpicking, possible soldering, badge life(?) and general cybersecurity with an emphasis on education. I don't have any certs yet, but I'm looking forward to those. Will there be anyone to point us around? Thanks and have a good night. edit: oh, almost forgot, also interested in RSS and webscraping. I hate social media, but you have to have it, anymore.

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    Howdy dude / duddette.

    Im pretty new as well, but I would recommend making an itinerary and building a network based on your interest / area(s) of study. I used the DC website and forums to do so. There is so much to do that it was a bit daunting at first. So started out by finding villages that stuck out to me. Each village has various events and resources, like labs, contests, talks and more. From there you might reach out to members of the respective village(s) you have selected with questions or simply to make conversation. Other than this forum I feel the discord servers are the best places to get info and connect. The DC website has this information.

    Anyway hope this helps.


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      Hello everyone I'm new here I hope you all are fine. Btw my name is Helen I'm from US, is mine pleasure to be a part of your forum.
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