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Welcome to the pre-con Safe Mode Badge Challenge forum!

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  • Welcome to the pre-con Safe Mode Badge Challenge forum!

    If you bought a DEF CON 28 Safe Mode badge you got some great music and helped support DEF CON.


    You also got a badge full of puzzles and clues on how to solve them,

    This forum run by the badge creator LosT is where you can talk ideas and ask questions. Good luck!

    The Challenge covers the items that came with the badge:
    • The lanyard
    • Cassette tape
    • Printed liner notes
    The Cassette contents and liner notes are now available on the server for those who want to play as well.
    Dark Tangent
    The Dark Tangent
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    Hello all,
    I believe I have cracked the color code for the liner.
    When I noticed the key I was like:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	axe in the woodshed.jpg
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ID:	233661
    What are the colors for the letters G, H, and J?
    I would like to implement this code elsewhere :p


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    My group has solved the color puzzle and the numbers station so far. Having fun with it!


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    Solved the color puzzle, was a little difficult for me being colorblind and some colors look very similar, but context helped me fill in the blanks. lol


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      Got the color puzzle solved as well as some of the audio itself. Still working on the lanyard. Now waiting for DEF CON to truly start. 😉


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      Thanks for including the discord, so I’m egg has been to every DEF con... somewhere in this mess there’s a link. Baking pie for thanksgiving. Are aiders. Raw ky. Jefe, jr and sr. All ways my favorite. Eh. No hats. I’m tired of inventing darker shades of black. 12ways. Someone hade to right the story, write? Have Junior send the Daemon AI badge To Emma. Animate it.

      he knew love.