I talked recently in one of my live stream shows about how if we aren't careful we will set ourselves up for failure in the future for lack of a good next generation of hackers- we demonize the word in the press, we teach kids that electronics are dangerous or expensive, and in some cases we make it illegal to take apart our own devices. It's funny to see how much more important hardware is becoming in our world; cell phones, IOT, OT, embedded systems, BIOS level attacks- as we've gotten better at protecting (kinda) certain layers of the stack, we've pushed the attackers down the stack, into the hypervisors, BIOSes, firmware, or anywhere else they can fit underneath the current 'radar' -

We need kids to are curious, and ENCOURAGED to tinker with things. It's the synthesis of a breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines that makes the best red (and blue!) team people I know. Innovation isn't going to come from the status quo.

There's still talk of backdoors in encryption systems, in complete trust in the cloud (read: other people's servers)- heck we've even started having to have the discussion of "zero trust" because that's where we're at. Zero trust.

Once again the mirror is held up, showing how much we've outpaced our wisdom with our technological growth. How vulnerable we are.