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5 year anniversary for Windows 10

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  • 5 year anniversary for Windows 10

    5 years ago today, Windows 10 was released. It had some great comeback from Windows 8/8.1 but still no match for Windows 7 with the Universal App transition. Edge seemed to be the one good Universal App Microsoft made but unfortunately they scrapped the project in favour of Chromium project by Google. Just helping increase Google the monopoly in the browser war.

    The browser war now is practically Mozilla vs Google now (Fx vs Chromium); Safari is Apple ecosystem exclusive so not included.

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    I look at Windows 10 today and think it really hasn't changed much since 2015, but actually going back and using the 2015 version of Windows 10 proves me wrong entirely. Almost every part of the OS has been touched with improvements and changes since 2015. The Windows Shell, including the Start menu, Taskbar, and Action Center have all been updated with changes and UI enhancements. vidmate instagram video download
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