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Rockets, shapes and a butterfly

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  • Rockets, shapes and a butterfly

    Anyone have any ideas?

    One can count sides from each shape to give seemingly useful data, but nothing meaningful can be interpreted from it.


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    When I was looking at the last shape (star?), I was thinking that many of the intersections in the lines, looked a lot like the shapes on the lanyard. That maybe you could take the lanyard shapes and recreate the shape. Just some thoughts, haven't had the time to play that out yet.
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      If you watch the movement slower, as remember the audio sample rate is 44100hz and so if watching at standard speed the animation is 44100fps, that shape is the rocket in 4 different orientations. But because of the decay of the co-ords you see them combined like so. I think the other polygon shapes are more meaningful, but maybe rocket orientation does mean something but it just spins round and round at a constant rate, I don't know...

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    Everything looks like an avenue at this point where we'll all stuck, I've attached my drawing of it, but I don't think it's linked to runes. Hmm.
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      Wow, I hadn't thought it was the rocket shape pointed in 4 directions. It reminded me more of some of the lacework (tatting) my wife does. Like flowers.


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