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  • Please Help Seed Out Safe Mode Content

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Name:	Safe mode music cover.jpg
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    It's that moment! All our videos are on-line, the music sound track, Demo Labs, and Badge music and files.
    It's time to share them!

    I've created a DEF CON Safe Mode .torrent file.

    ´╗┐Also here is the magnet link in case our media server goes down and people can't get to the torrent file:

    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b2d43bca1d03db69afaa08a9a90655 8a50ae267f&dn=DEF%20CON%2028&tr=
    Please help seed! If we get attacked and DDoSed off-line at least all our talks and demolabs and music will stay available!

    Then watch them and jump in on the Q&A sessions. Follow the schedule here:

    Main Stage Tal Descriptions and Q&A Schedule:

    Demo Labs details and Q&A schedule:
    PGP Key:

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    Done Boss !


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      Seeding from SA ! Let me know if more bandwidth is required


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        Thanks everyone!
        There will be an uodated torrent Sunday or Monday with adfed villages. videos as well
        PGP Key:


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          Dark Tangent, would it be possible to add an RSS feed for the DC28 torrents ? People like myself could add it to their seed box servers and automatically seed any new torrents as soon as they're added. I'm guessing it would be an easy thing to set up as there already feeds for previous year's content.


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            Seeding to help the cause.

            Here's to hoping we all gather in Vegas next year for DC!



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              Great idea, let the seeding begin.


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                seeding from 2 locations in uk :)


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                  Thank you everyone! We are good!

                  Next up will be the release of all the village videos we have gathered, that will happen some time Sunday.

                  The for real DEF CON Safe Mode torrent with everything will be a month or so after that once all the art, music, and other talks are in.

                  PGP Key:


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                    Looking to hire a hacker. Fix price work. How does one go about it.


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                      hi, for exactly what ?


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                        Originally posted by Mudman View Post
                        Looking to hire a hacker. Fix price work. How does one go about it.
                        Best not to admit any interest in anything illegal on a public forum where anyone with an account can see it. We don't want feds issuing search warrants or subpoena for taking our disks and servers away.
                        If you are looking to recruit a "hacker" in the sense of a person very skilled in their work, there was a Discord channel for help for hackers with hiring and getting hired:
                        Career Hacking Village:
                        * Discord channel:
                        * Forum:

                        Many of the Discord channels for DEF CON closed after DEF CON 28 Safe Mode closed. Human can't see it, I have not tested HumanPlus. It does not appear to be active, so it is likely not a present place to find people to discuss hacking careers.

                        But again, for your protection and ours, please do not discuss anything illegal on the *public* forum where anyone with an account can see it. (Feds can get accounts too.)

                        Last edited by number6; August 12, 2020, 17:15.


                        • serial sam
                          serial sam commented
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                          exactly ! there's a difference between hackers and criminals.

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                        yay! give back to the community!

                        This ghost is also seeding!


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                          I've been trying to seed this torrent but for some reason it wont download on my seed box. Tried adding the site as a tracker but that didn't work... Any suggestions?


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                            Seeding from SE!