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DefCon 28 SafeMode WCTF and 2020 World Wide WarDrive

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  • DefCon 28 SafeMode WCTF and 2020 World Wide WarDrive

    For the 14th year of the Wireless Village at Defcon The RF Hackers Sanctuary ( is running the Wireless Capture the Flag (WCTF), this encompasses 10MHz - 6GHz in the Radio spectrum and all protocols and their associated bits and bytes.

    Our Wireless Capture the Flag has been crazy this year. Also as a totally ground breaking capability we have completely virtualized and containerized 21 WiFi challenges for people to play at home or anywhere over ssh, and soon through a web browser. We built a full virtual Software Defined Radio CTF using ZMQ sockets for 23 challenges ranging from reading our virtual pager networks to breaking the encryption of virtual vehicle key fobs and everything in between. We have people chasing satellites and playing tag with signals bouncing off the atmosphere. We have had an amazing showing at the virtual Wireless Village.

    This year we did a thing as a part of the WCTF and released it at Defcon. We have successfully run another World Wide Wardrive. We have about 1.4 million WiFi APs found so far in the World Wide Wardrive BUT of that 1,035,844 are new to Wigle

    Our primary mission is to teach, and this expands our capabilities and reach dramatically. To our knowledge this is the first virtual WCTF ever. To make this new normal comfortable for both our loyal followers and newcomers alike, we have created an almost perfect replica of what we do in person.

    come see us on discord this week and all year long