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Hi, long time lurker saying hi

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  • Hi, long time lurker saying hi

    Hi there, you all possibly seen me at the discord and sometimes around if you ever noticed me. I am normally one of the ghosts who sit in the back.

    I've been a lurker here for sometime and have been coming to defcon since 98 when I got super interested into hacking.
    a bit about me as my introduction.

    If this helps anything to show my authenticity, this is basically all that is left to show.
    Might know me from my old alias "Kallador"

    I did these 2 logos back in the day.

    That IRC from number 2 is defunct now but I still run that domain.
    As I am trying my best to be less socially awkward, I have a really bad social anxiety I suffer with I guess a perfect example of that is reflected with Mr Robot but that is changing in recent times.

    Alot has changed since 1998, I drift cars for fun as a hobby since 2010 rebuilding an old nostilgic nissan 200sx (1987) retrofitting an 300zx motor and a 350z transmission (for the car nerds out there) I currently work in IT Security Engineer with Patch and Vuln. Management. Ironically in a casino currently.

    Anyways, thought I'd just throw out a quick intro and I'll do my best to stay active here more often as I have became a more of a chatter bug these days.