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DEF CON 29 Location?

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  • Question: DEF CON 29 Location?

    I might be a bit early to the party with this question, but...

    Is the tentative plan, COVID weirdness not withstanding, for DEF CON 29 to be at Caesar's Forum like this year's was supposed to be? Or, will it be spread out across Bally's / Paris / PH / Flamingo like DC 27 was?

    Reason I ask... I thought I saw something, perahps on the SAFE MODE FAQ, that suggested Caesar's Forum, but now I'm seeing this on the main site.

    Click image for larger version

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    Granted anything can happen between now and then, but still just trying to plan ahead, hotels and such.

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    I am also looking at booking rooms for 2021 and would like to know if Caesar's Forum is a possibility so I can plan my room accordingly. If a main con location has been determined that would help as well.