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  • Nits

    The torrent RSS has an indirect link for FOSDEM (it's missing the /cons/ directory)

    Are there plans to have RSS feed for torrents of the non-cons directories?

    Is the current size of town content still in the ballpark of 4.5TB?

    Thanks again for all that you do!

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    Good timing of your questions! I'm in the middle of a big /cons/ update, about 2,000 new files being worked on and I'm about 1,000 in.

    The RSS feed should start being updated this week and we will fix the FOSDEM link - BUT - FOSDEM 2020 is updating their videos now, I'm guessing another two or three weeks until they are done.

    On all the other torrents for different directories I do plan to create them. My problem is I need to redo how I am tracking and updating many of the directories. For example I have a ton of security podcast audio but the filenames are terrible and mean nothing. If I can auto rename the files from ID3 tags then it will be meaningful for people.

    In the skills directory I need a better way to track what has already been done so I don't keep re-transcoding the same files over and over. I'll basically empty out the directories and then switch over to a new management strategy after I'm caught up on this batch of cons.

    Let's check current size.. the /cons/ directory is currently about 4.9T and all of is about 6T. I'm guessing after the rest of the cons are updated we will be closer to 5T in size.

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      Thanks for poking me on this tecknicaltom it's gotten me motivated to start reorganizing and reencoding.

      First up in the directory is a newly built torrent for:Currently started working on the lockpicking related directories.
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        Thanks Dark Tangent for the update. I have a few more corrections for you that I've noticed after analyzing InfoconDB links to

        * SHA2017 ( is not a conference of Shakacon, but one of the Dutch hacker camps (
        * There was no ToorCamp in 2011 ( and this directory looks to only have one video from ToorCon 2011

        I'll reply again if I uncover any others.


        • The Dark Tangent
          The Dark Tangent commented
          Editing a comment
          Good find on the SHA2017 problem. It must have been accidentally dragged and dropped into Shakacon because it is correctly sorted on our main backend archive.

          I fixed Toorcon and will regenerate the torrent this week. Thanks!