In an interview with Ian Softley, director of 'Hackers', Softley shares that the effects crew he put together for 'Hackers' formed a company after the movie wrapped:

“Interestingly, the team that I put together, from lots of different companies, were cutting their teeth on this film, in terms of the visual effects. It was the first film that they’d done. And they all created a company after Hackers. And that is the company and team that Christopher Nolan uses for all his films. And interestingly, I’m in touch with them still, and they tell me that they use a lot of the techniques that we used on Hackers on the Nolan films. Because my idea, which, it’s obviously his idea as well, is that you shoot as much stuff in the camera as you can. Because for a cinema audience, it’s an immersive, inviting, beautiful world to exist in.”