In our continued quest to bring you cool movies in the public domain, our Halloween movie will be the stone-cold classic 'Night of the Living Dead'. This is the grand-daddy of zombie-cinema, and the movie that set the template for much of today's horror universe. It's 90 lean minutes of low-budget, high-impact chills with an insightful social critique lurking just below the surface. It sounds like hyperbole, but you can literally see the foundation of modern horror being laid down as you watch.

The film is in the public domain due entirely to an oversight. In 1968, the law held that keeping your copyright required public notice on the prints. While the studio included that information on the prints of 'Night of the Flesh Eaters', the original film title, they neglected to include the warning when they changed the title to 'Night of the Living Dead'. This clerical error not only made it legal for us to stream it in our Discord, it also opened the door to colorizations, re-edits, an animated remix and even a 4K Criterion Blu-ray.

If Halloween festivities are on hold where you are, we'd love you to join us for a proper frightfest at 8pm PDT (GMT-7) in in movie-night-text and movie-night-voice.

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