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many torrents mislabeled as w w w ...

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  • many torrents mislabeled as w w w ...

    Many of the torrents in the RSS feed are pointing to instead of and this doesn't work.

    e.g. Security archive -

    Would someone who has access do a global search and replace from to to fix this?

    (The forum filters won't allow a URL in the title so hopefully this still makes sense.)

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    Hi there turnkit , I have removed the www(s) again, there was some file duplication by my rss generator, so the files i fixed before weren't the ones I was working with day to day. I'll keep an eye on it for awhile and make sure they stay fixed.


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      Check now please, the mystery of the www that kept being included has been solved.
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        Thank you both. Looks good now.

        BTW - qBittorrent has what seems like a bug where the old www. address would stay in its database even after updating. So I needed to remove the RSS feed and re-add it and it seems to be refresh properly now.