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Most powerful threat intel scripts

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  • Most powerful threat intel scripts

    Hello beautiful DEF CON folks,

    I was at DEF CON in-person last year and loved my time there (and BH).

    Just wanted to make a thread discussing the MOST powerful threat intel APIs, this video gives an example of a quick way to get some IP threat intel / risk scores.

    Does anyone know of other really awesome APIs to be able to throw IPs, domains, hashes, and other awesome information.

    My end goal is to compile a full-blown PowerShell toolkit to the point of an end-user filling in some API keys and being able to for example:
    PowerShlap -ip >>> 100/100
    PowerShlap -domain >>> 90/100
    PowerShlap -md5 cf0584a72c73f6e9f061215ec6e59d6e >>> 5/70

    Pretty much an all-inclusive collection of ways to extremely quick check risk scores with data - a one-stop-shop.

    If this already exists, pls let me know so I do not waste time lol