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  • Question: How Defcon helful For hackers

    Hello Everyone, I am a hacker I just want to know that How Defcon helpful fo hackers because I have Faced some issues with hacking If anyone knows how Defcon helps hackers please suggest me.

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    Originally posted by thoruncle View Post
    Hello Everyone, I am a hacker I just want to know that How Defcon helpful fo hackers because I have Faced some issues with hacking If anyone knows how Defcon helps hackers please suggest me.
    Your question is ambiguous. I cannot tell the scope of your question.

    I'm assuming you are asking about how DEF CON can help people become hackers, or better hackers?

    If your question is about helping existing hackers, I guess that these cover most:
    * Physically meet in Las Vegas to establish social ties with other people that have similar interests to those that excite you, and share ideas with them as they share ideas with you
    * Watch videos of past DEF CON speaker presentations on youtube, or download videos and documents from
    * Speak at DEF CON (if your talk is accepted and selected) to present your ideas, and allow others to find issues or disagreements.
    * Attend a speaker presentation to learn
    * Attend a workshop to participate
    * Join an existing Village or local DEF CON Group (in your area.)
    * Join a contest, or join a team in a contest to challenge your skills
    * Build a new and different Village or Contest to run at DEF CON
    * Participate
    * More...

    If you question is about a path to becoming a hacker...

    General path for becoming a hacker in a new area:
    1: Find a list of things that brings you joy. Find things that excite you. Find things that compel you to thoroughly understand how they work.
    2: Test and use the thing in a "safe" way: understand how it works.
    3: Begin to find ways to break and then repair the thing you are working to understand. Take it apart. Put it back together in working order.
    4: Ask questions like "what happens if I don't follow the directions?" Build and use tools to test your questions, break, and formulate defense against against each break you find. Repeat this step.

    That is a very general description on hacking just about anything.

    If your interest is not in "hacking" (understanding something so thoroughly, you can bend it to do things it was not designed in novel and clever ways), maybe you are interested in only a few of the steps? Maybe you just want to break things and not understand how they work? Then there are tools like metasploit with pre-packaged example PoC code for payload to test unpatched systems. Using a tool without understanding it isn't really hacking though. It is possible to use such tools as steps towards becoming a hacker if you take the time to understand them, really well. (Everyone starts somewhere. It does not really matter where you start, just that you keep learning.)

    Next, whatever you choose to learn about, there are likely a list of "top 3" or "top 10" tools or classes of tools to really know how to use.
    Maybe a compiler, and tool for reverse engineering binary, or static analysis might be important for software hacking of black box systems.
    A good packet sniffer and analysis tool might be important if you are looking to learn about networks: this could be bluetooth sniifing, ethernet, 802.11*, NFC, or any Layer 1/2/3 network hacking.
    A collection of physical tools (clamp, vice, wrenches, pliers, etc) plus thin metal and a shop might be a good collection of tools if you are looking to hack physical locks.

    Whatever discipline you will learn to hack will have its own "best" classes of tools to learn how to use., and will inform your decisions on what to learn.

    Good luck!
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      I read your question yeah it is very helpful for you I think about my knowledge . The defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert system used by the military United States. The DEFCON system prescribes graduated levels of readiness and states of alert and increases from levels of least to most severe. As of this moment our current military status is DEFCON 4.


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        ya but what if we dont know which TO FLOW...???


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