Hard as it may be to believe, the Snowden revelations are over 7 years old. The news cycle has accelerated so much in the intervening years that it seems like a relic from a different age, a slower timeline where a big story could make headlines for weeks instead of getting buried by four equally unsettling headlines before dinnertime.

Wherever you stand on the ethics of the disclosure, this glimpse at the scope of the US domestic surveillance apparatus has had enormous impact on the way the public views its privacy. In the last few weeks, Snowden's name has been in the news again as he accepts a permanent residency in Russia and his name is floated for a Presidential pardon. This seems like a good time to watch the documentary Citizenfour. Let's examine this artifact together and figure out if it hits different in 2020. I suspect strongly that it will.

Download .ical file: DC Movie NIght - Citizenfour.ics

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