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    New details for the NYE Event, now that I have staffing confirmed.

    We will be throwing a virtual defcon NYE party a MUD at port 4000. The party will start at 1800 MST, and go until about 0300 MST. There will be random in game prize giveaways such as credits and in game collectibles.

    The CoreMUD is an old hard sci-fi MUD with a player run economy, that was originally developed in 1993 and opened in its current form in 1997. Since 2013 or so the game has had a crippling combat and mining bug that effectively made the game unplayable. EvilMog was a player of CoreMUD and with the permission of its author made a parody of the game.

    The parody of the game evolved from a side project to a functional MUD to the DEFCON 28 CTF MUD. The majority of the sci-fi domain of the DEFCON MUD was lifted from Core.

    Core had to rehost recently and EvilMog offered to take over running the game. Combat, mining and all in game timers now work, a number of longstanding bugs are gone, and as is tradition we have decided to celebrate new years eve on CoreMUD.

    The DEFCON 28 MUD is also online. From 0001 Dec 31 until 0001 Jan 2nd the MUD will be player killing enabled, permadeath will also be enabled which grants the players 3 deaths with the character file being deleted upon the third death. This MUD is live at port 4000.