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  • DEFCON 29 MUD (CoreMUD)

    The DEFCON 29 CTF challenge will be run from an old game called CoreMUD. I have yet to announce prizes, however the game is in preview right now.[LIST=1][*]You can access the games help system on our dokuwiki at [URL=""][/URL][*]The game is available by telneting to on port 4000.[*]The game is portal/3klient enhanced, [url][/url][*]The game has some anti botting techniques[*]DO NOT ATTACK the server or attempt to root the box, its not that kind of CTF[*]Players can own and operate their own shops, including hiring employees[*]There is a mining mechanism in game to obtain credits[*]There will be a CTF board eventually for the in game quests.[*]DEFCON NYE will be held on this game.[/LIST]This game may contain content not appropriate for some viewers, opinions expressed inside the game are works of fiction and do not represent the opinions of EvilMog, his employer or any other affiliated party. Participant discretion is advised. Players should be over the age of majority in their jurisdiction. PII may be collected during the character registration process, this information is used for the sole purpose of performing password resets, feel free to use a handle for your name. The email address may also be a twitter handle, I'm ok with that, or even a keybase ID.

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    I don't know what happened to the above so once more with feeling....

    A long time ago a MUD was created on a 386 on a modem. This game was called CoreMUD. This game had several unique features, a player run economy, player owned shops, mining, and several others. The game is deep.

    Unfortunately the server was rehosted onto a 32 bit system and the timer for combat and mining broke. As a result the game has been a ghost town for nearly a decade.

    I broke my ankle paragliding in the spring of 2019 and needed something to fill my time, so I copied a number of areas from CoreMUD as a technical challenge and with the permission of the mud owner added it to the DerbyCon CTF Mud as the sci-fi realm. The new MUD was so successful it was also used as the base for the DC 28 CTF MUD.

    Fast forward to 2020, the game got kicked off of its hosting as the business was shutting down, apparently being a dedicated MUD host doesn't pay the bills.

    Now for the fun part, the mud ran off a MudOS v22 series driver which hasn't compiled since Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and CentOS 5.5. LPC the language in which the game is coded in has evolved over the last decade. I managed to find a driver that compiled cleanly and is backwards compatible with all the code and offered to rehost the game. As a result I am now the admin of the original MUD from which the DC28 CTF Mud was spawned.

    Over the next 6 months I am going to embed flags in all the quests and setup a cffd. It should take 3-6 months to complete all the quests which makes this the perfect DEFCON Contest.

    I will be hosting an NYE Party and details about the NYE party are in another thread.

    To connect to the game use a mudclient or telnet and connect to on port 4000, the MUD is 3klient/portal enhanced


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      Que genial, me encanta