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Play Red Box Games and WIN!

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  • Play Red Box Games and WIN!

    For NYE we've brought back Red Box Games! Give us a call to play!


    (We're still trying to boot the PBX, we'll announce when it's up.)[/B]

    [URL=filedata/fetch?id=235863&d=1609438438][ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tTeleChallenge - DEFCON NYE 2020 100dpi.png Views:\t0 Size:\t456.4 KB ID:\t235863","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"235863","data-size":"medium","title":"TeleChallenge - DEFCON NYE 2020 100dpi.png"}[/ATTACH][/URL]

    Every game you play gets you points! Play more games, get more points!

    Every time you dial in you'll hear the leaderboard. Play hard and stay on top! The harder the game, the more points you get! Play again for more points!

    When you dial in you'll get assigned a 'team name' .. remember your team 'word', that's you!

    At the end we'll announce the top 4 winners!
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