This week's DEF CON Movie Night will be a YouTube simultaneous screening of a movie partially shot at DEF CON 23! It's the inimitable Werner Herzog's 'Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World'. Herzog is the legendary documentary filmmaker of Grizzly Man' and 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' and a literal half century of straight up mad moviemaking genius. He's also got a part in 'The Mandalorian', in case legendary documentaries aren't your jam.

Herzog's team came to DEF CON 23 looking for some footage of the frontiers of digital connection - this was the year of the Wired magazine Jeep hack where Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek shut down Andy Greenberg's Jeep from across the country. I personally may have wished more DEF CON footage survived the edit, it's a really interesting and unsettling look at the emerging world of constant, instantaneous interconnectivity.

You can read the article about Charlie and Chris here:
Their talk from DC23 is here:
Herzog's magnificent filmography is here:

Join us at 8pm PST in the DEF CON discord ( in the #movie-night-text channel!