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New DefCon Group - Caxias do Sul / BRAZIL

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  • New DefCon Group - Caxias do Sul / BRAZIL

    Hello everyone, everything good?

    My name is Israel, I work with RedTeam for about 2 years and I now participate in DefCon DC5551. I live in Caxias do Sul / Brazil and I want to set up the DefCon in my city, DDD is +5554. It's possible? I look forward to returning, have a good day.


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    I just sent the form to the email "".


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      I am still waiting to get my dc group active. Please someone respond. I also send a private message to sleestak but still no response.may i know when will be our dc group active.


      • The Dark Tangent
        The Dark Tangent commented
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        Hey @z3xdd I'll check it out, you should have an email from us if there are any questions, if not it may be just waiting for the our site to update. We launched a bunch of stuff last week that took all of our attention.

        Thank you for starting a DCG!

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      Hey Dark Tangent thank you for response!